Pre-Gig Recon Visit to D’Road Cafe

I went by the D’Road Cafe today to have a look at the lay of the land before tomorrow’s gig. The lunchtime crowd was there, and Janett too, and I spoke with her a little bit. She was happy to see me–I think she was wondering whether or not I’d actually plan to show up, heh! But I do, and I will.

I dropped off the stool that I’ll perform on, and a music stand that I don’t really need but that I think I’ll have there in case I need something to put my playlist one.

Here’s a couple of photos. The inside picture is pretty much what I’ll be seeing while I perform. I’ll be all the way in the back of the narrow single room.

Thirty hours and counting. Stay tuned for the entire performance, which I’ll post if I can manage to get it recorded.





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