Evening Practice on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I had such an ineffective, falling-asleep OPS session today that I took the time to do some inside practice while the President delivered his speech to Congress. I worked a lot on ‘Fireball Mail,’ which is in the final stages of finger-ation, and on the first phrase of ‘Salt Creek,’ which includes that funky pull-off-in-the-middle-of-an-F-chord bit. It’s not so hard. I think the trick is to put the ring finger down onto the fourth string quickly so that it’s there when you pull off and do the rest of the square roll. The entire session is below upon uploading.

OPS Session on Monday, February 27, 2017

The weather report calls for rain all day today. In anticipation of that, Banjo the Dog and I headed out to the doggie park early to beat the rain, which we did, then we found an overhang at an abandoned former gas station, of which there are plenty here in Montgomery, and set up for an OPS session. As it happened, the rain didn’t actually start until the very end of the session, but I could sure tell it was coming: the temperature dropped, the wind picked up, and Banjo the Dog got more and more antsy as the pressure went down. Finally I wrapped him up in my jacket and he was somewhat calmer. He is not a fan of rain and storms! The full 47-minute session is below on upload.