Second and Shorter OPS Session on Thursday, January 26, 2017

I headed up to Alabaster today to pick up Tia the Dog, whom I’m dogsitting for through the weekend, and I was a little early, so I stopped by Veterans’ Park to practice a little sans Banjo the Dog. I left him at home because it’s too much to deal with to manage two dogs in the truck with me while I’m driving. Anyway, I plunked around a little bit and got a couple of nods, waves, and honks. It was cold and my left hand got somewhat stiff, but it was still worth doing.

Right when I was finishing up, a young man rode his motorcycle up to ask if I accepted tips–that was very kind of him. I wasn’t busking, though, so no tip 🙂

Oh, crap–I just this moment noticed that I failed to put the date up on the date placard! Dang it. When I don’t have the dog with me, it throws me off 😦

Here’s the 34-minute session.

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