Practice Session 153 on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Although it was warmer today here in Alabama, it was so windy that I decided that an outdoor session, as much as I’d rather be outside, wouldn’t work too well, so Banjo the Dog and I practiced inside. You can see him on his perch on top of my treadmill desk. He sleeps for a while, then wakes up at 10:09, turns around, and goes back to sleep. At 41:05, I knock over a cardboard mailing tube that was standing on its end next to my stool, and that disturbs the dog. He stretches, turns over again, and back to sleep.

No need to worry about him falling–his bed there is securely screwed down to the table top and I never get more than a step or two away from him while he’s up there. While I’m playing, I can see him on my cellphone display, so he’s under my supervision at all times, believe me.

Segment A: I had a little trouble getting started. The drum tracks worked okay, but I’m finding them not to be clear enough or near enough to the tunes I’m doing in style to be ultimately workable. I’m still working a lick a day, or trying to–the one you see me do here is #5 from the Collins book.

Segment B: Played songs against the drum track; I’m much better aligned to the tracks now that I’m a little more familiar with them. Watching the video, I think the next thing for me to do is to start speeding up the three Murphy tunes.

Segment C: Today was Day 2 of the 30-Day Challenge, and work continued on ‘Sailor’s Hornpipe.’ I did just a little plunking around looking for the tune to ‘Turkey in the Straw’ with the idea that SH, TitS, and ‘Devil’s Dream’ would make an excellent fiddle-tune trifecta for later.

The entire 46-minute session is below. Stay tuned for developments!

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