Sunday Noodling

Today is Sunday, and while I did go out and try to do a regular practice session in the rolling banjo studio today (I got through Segment A, and I’ll post it, but it was too too cold!), by the time I met the couple of obligations I had today, I didn’t feel like I could do a regular indoor session, so instead I noodled around while watching TV.

I did work on ‘Sailor’s Hornpipe’ for the 30-Day Challenge, and I did work on ‘Devil’s Dream’ for VE, and I did do some rolls and chords and I did work on the three tunes from Murphy–but not in any orderly way. And I only worked for 36 minutes, but it was fun and I’m glad I did it.

The entire piece is below for your amusement as soon as it uploads. Watch this space for developments!


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