More Ideas about Roll Practice

It occurs to me–it occurred to me this morning as I was awakened by Banjo the Dog, who was whining and closed-mouth barking in his sleep–that I could do chord progressions over the rolls I’m practicing in Segment A of my practice sessions.

I’m doing that already, and quite naturally–I’ve been doing G-C-G-D7-G in the three roll patterns that I’ve been doing, and it seems logical to (a) do it consciously as a practice thing, and (b) expand it to better and more interesting progressions.

Another thing I want to incorporate into the practice sessions somewhere is learning generic licks that can be used with the chords-over-rolls. The problem that I anticipate is labeling the licks, but that’s something I’ll think about.

To start with, here are the first six licks from my book ‘400 Smokin’ Bluegrass Licks’ by Eddie Collins. We do them as Segment C one for each of six days, then use the seventh day to review/practice all of them–maybe. The check marks means I’ve listened to them and think they’re worth learning.


I’ve redone the monitor placard for this concept, here’s what the Segment A slide looks like, displaying the Lick o’ the Day:




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