Practice Session 149 on Friday, January 6, 2017

Another innovation for my practice sessions–the use of my big-screen monitor as a placard to show essential information for the casual observer. Here’s a screenshot:


I tried this once before and was frustrated by it, but now I’ve got the slideshow timer figured out and I’ve determined how to get it to the big screen, so I’ll try it for awhile and see how I like it. Won’t work in the rolling banjo studio, of course, but so what? I can continue to use the placard board out there.

Segment A: I continued working on rolls over chords at various speeds and patterns. I can feel that I’m getting more comfortable with it, and that’s the whole point.

Segment B: I played the three Murphy songs, and then concentrated on ‘Devil’s Dream,’ which needs to be VE’ed pretty soon.

Segment C: Murphy’s high break from FMB–it’s coming along!

The next thing on my list of things to do is to record myself stumbling through ‘Sailor’s Hornpipe’ for the 30-Day Challenge. I suppose it’s to my benefit later to play it poorly now, which I certainly can do, so I see no reason to wait on good weather to go outside and record it in the rolling studio. Maybe I’ll get around to recording it tonight! Meanwhile, the video of tonight’s 47-minute session is below. Stay tuned for developments.

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