Practice Session 147, Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Banjo the Dog and I tried to do practice outside today in the rolling banjo studio with its new diagonal-style stage. But it was so dang windy and cold and getting colder as we sat out there that I only managed to stumble through Segment A before we gave it up.

I redid the whole thing from the top, and here’s what you can see in the 45-minute video below. First, you’ll notice that I didn’t use a metronome tonight in Segment A and B, and that’s because I had to use the old cellphone I have as a timer because the timers I bought at Walmart today to do that job make a sound when they hit 0:00 that bothers Banjo the Dog, gives him the shakes (as some sounds do). So no Walmart timers.

Segment A: As you know, Segment A is roll practice, and that involves the right hand. So when we were outside this morning, I didn’t even put my left hand on the neck at all–it just lay comfortably on the rail of the truck bed. Then it occurred to me that I could be rolling through chords during my rolling practice, and so I did that in the evening session. I worked through 32151231-51252151 in G then C and then D7 and tried to make it as musical as possible. Then I did the same thing with my modified FMB roll (21215125-31315135) and with the bouncing square roll (32514251). That makes the roll practice a little less dull and probably a little less boring to listen to.

Segment B: I started with Tony’s ‘Devil’s Dream’ without variations, and I did that several times back and forth between the ‘potatoes’ intro, the A part, and and B part. Then the three Murphy tunes once or twice through (‘John Hardy’, ‘Rollin”, and ‘Old Joe Clark’) and then back to ‘Devil’s Dream’ for the rest of the segment.

Segment C: Murphy’s High Break to Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and I’ve made progress on this. Pretty soon, I’ll be ready to incorporate it into FMB and move that tune over to Segment B.

So pretty good practice considering that the weather wouldn’t cooperate and the timers didn’t work out. I think tomorrow it’s supposed to be a little warmer, so maybe we’ll be able to do all of tomorrow’s practice outside. Watch this space for developments!

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