Thoughts from Session 1 of my Improved Practice Routine

This morning, Banjo the Dog and I went out under cloudy skies in the rolling banjo practice studio to try out the improved practice routine. Below this text is the video from today’s attempt at improved practice–and here are my thoughts:

  • Generally, I’m feeling like the session is much more productive and efficient that my previous ‘do whatever I feel like’ approach. Or at least it will be once I get the kinks worked out. Doing the practice in the ‘rolling banjo practice studio’ is definitely part of the solution to the stage/performance fright issue, as people do look and see as they pass by. And I believe Banjo the Dog enjoys it too, and he can always use the outside time.
  • Segment A, which I had intended to use as a fifteen-minute roll practice part. Yep–I definitely need it, particularly to resolve the flyover issue in the index finger, and working with the metronome can’t hurt. I had planned to do 5215125-3215123 for 16 counts at three speeds, then 21215125 (the FMB roll) at three speeds, then 32154215 (the square roll) at three different speeds, and I did do that, but it filled up the whole fifteen minutes allotted for this. I had imagined that I would repeat the whole thing a time or two. It did take me a while to get going with the metronome, and that’s evidence that I need to do this kind of work.
  • Segment B, which was the ‘review of known tunes’ part. It sure is evident that I need to do this kind of thing–since I was feeling the pressure of performing, I couldn’t hardly get it going, especially at speed.
  • Segment C, which was the ‘new tunes’ part. Worked well, I only worked on the high break to FMB and not the first phrase or so of Fireball Mail (I couldn’t remember it anyway), but that filled up the time just fine.

The following adjustments need to be made

  • There needs to be some way for viewers of the video to know what segment I’m working as I go through the practice. I’m sure I could make a segment board like the date board that I’ve been using. Maybe a ‘session number’ too, which can be linked to a posting on the webpage to explain what I’m doing. We can start the session number at 147.
  • I believe that as I use this practice pattern, I’ll get better and more efficient at it, and thus do more work in the fifteen minutes allotted for each segment. If not, then we can go to twenty, but no more than that.
  • I need some sort of timer, easy to work with a beep that I can hear over the metronome and over what I’m doing. Maybe some sort of kitchen timer would do it, I’ll look for that when I go out today.

Stay tuned for developments!

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